Choosing the best ophthalmoscopes – here’s what to look for

The best ophthalmoscopes – a guide to choosing the right one for you

Whether you're in training to become an optometrist through an apprenticeship, undergraduate degree, masters degree,  or you’re an experienced eye care professional – choosing the best ophthalmoscope for your needs is vital. This critical piece of equipment can either hamper or enhance your ability to provide the highest level of eye exams. 

Direct ophthalmoscopes versus indirect ophthalmoscopes – what’s the difference?


Direct ophthalmoscopes

A direct ophthalmoscope is used to inspect the fundus and is usually best carried out in a darkened room. It produces an unreversed or upright image of around 15x magnification and can detect opacities and macular degeneration of the lens.

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Indirect ophthalmoscopes

An indirect ophthalmoscope produces a reserved or inverted image with 2-5x magnification. It has an objective lens, which is ideal for the treatment and diagnosis of detachments, holes and retinal tears. 

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How to choose the best ophthalmoscope

Whatever your requirements, from basic examinations to exceptionally detailed diagnoses, there are certain features and attributes you should look for when choosing an ophthalmoscope. 

Here are some pointers to look out for:

      1. Perfectly aligned and adjusted.
        All our handheld ophthalmoscopes feature Keeler's mirror alignment and wide-angle light beam, which means you can see the clearest view of the retina regardless of the patient's pupil size.
  1. Designed to last.
    Keeler's ophthalmoscopes are built from quality materials and components so that you can enjoy several years of trouble-free service. The ultra-durable cover is combined with solid metal chassis to protect the precisely aligned optics. Keeler's ophthalmoscopes are designed to withstand the rigours of daily use for several years to come.
  2. Comfort is key.
    Your ophthalmoscope should be comfortable for you and your patient. Keeler's devices have smoothly curved surfaces engineered to fit into the orbital bone snugly. The curved, contoured head maximises viewing angles, while the smooth lines put your patient's mind at ease.
  3. Light control for clear, bright images. 
    Being able to control the light on your ophthalmoscopes results in clear, bright images. Keeler's Xenon and LED light bulbs are both fully adjustable, which helps ensure optimum diagnosis and comfort for your patients.

From a basic examination to detailed diagnosis requirements, there is a Keeler ophthalmoscope for you 

Based on more than 100 years of innovation, Keeler handheld ophthalmoscopes offer the perfect combination of superb ergonomics, advanced illumination, and versatile features for vision care. 


The pure brilliance of the Jazz ophthalmoscope

The Jazz ophthalmoscope is uniquely engineered to fit perfectly in any environment. The Jazz can also change its colours by adding coloured rings that fit virtually any mood.  A few key highlights of the Jazz include:

  • Excellent LED illumination
  • Reliable Keeler optics
  • Streamlined size that fits in your pocket
  • World-renowned high-performance Keeler optics with aspherical lens
  • -/+ 20D ranger of powers.

The Professional Ophthalmoscope

The Keeler Professional ophthalmoscope is designed to ensure you have complete control. You can easily introduce graticules, different lenses, and filters with a quick touch of a fingertip. A few key highlights of the Professional ophthalmoscope include:

  • It offers both Xenon illumination and LED illumination to produce whiter, brighter, and more durable light to meet virtually any diagnosis challenge.
  • The positive-action, easy-access maywheel reduces the need to pull away from your patient and allows you to dial up the required lenses quickly.
  • It offers a comprehensive lens range of +29D to -30D in a single dioptre step to cover a vast range of prescriptions.
  • With comfort in mind, this ophthalmoscope includes a soft brow rest to protect your glasses (if you wear them) and for easy positioning.
  • The red-free filter can be utilised with any of the six diagnostic beams.

The Specialist ophthalmoscope

The Keeler Specialist ophthalmoscope boasts a range of versatile features, precision optics, and practical ergonomics, making it a top choice for practitioners. The Specialist is made up of tiny individual ground glass lenses. It's optimised and perfectly balanced for precise ocular examinations. A few key highlights of the Specialist ophthalmoscope include:

  • A comprehensive lens range (+44D to -45D in 1D step) to ensure you deliver accurate and clear diagnoses for your patients.
  • You can easily and quickly dial up a lens with the intricate gearing of the Morton Track lens system.
  • It offers LED or Xenon illumination to produce whiter, brighter, and longer-lasting light to meet any diagnostic challenge.
  • Six diagnostic beams help you deliver comprehensive examinations. In addition to three viewing beam sizes, this cutting-edge device includes a fixation cross for eccentric fixation assessment, red-free filter vessel exams, and a slit to measure retinal elevation changes. The field of view is optimised with a snug orbital fit, which guarantees comfort for you and your patient.
  • It features a pupilometer comparison disc so you can easily assess the size of your patient's pupil.

Pocket ophthalmoscope

The Keeler Pocket ophthalmoscope is designed for those on the go. It’s ideal for ward-use, domiciliary-use, or as a reliable backup instrument. It offers full diagnostic capability in an easy-to-use and ergonomic tool. 

A few key highlights of Keeler Pocket ophthalmoscope include:

  • A comprehensive lens range from +20D to -20D for effortless and clear examinations.
  • A durable metal clip that you can attach to your pocket.
  • This portable device is powered by standard AA batteries.

Practitioner ophthalmoscope

The Keeler Practitioner ophthalmoscope is the premier primary care specialist's choice. This device features a high filter range and lens.

A few key highlights of the Practitioner ophthalmoscope include:

  • Six beams that allow full diagnostic capability
  • The ability to assess corneal scratches by using the blue filter with Fluorescein
  • The positive action maywheel allows practitioners to select +40D to -25D
  • The red-free, swing-over, filter can be utilised with any of the six diagnostic beams.

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